An amazing list of machines, equipment and centric mixers which are available with full control of maintenance and usage to preserve our investment, machines and equipment are evaluated on a yearly basis as a part of our plan of strategic concern besides making a schedule for periodic maintenance.

Our fleet of machines and equipment includes for example but not limited to :

  • Dust works equipment : bulldozers, drillers, loaders, trucks, steamroller and water tankers.
  • Road works equipment : asphalt lab and gravel crusher.
  • Steel structures equipment :   k-span machines, MIC metallic sheets manufacturing equipment, pallet making equipment and mechanical equipment.
  • Heavy lifting equipment :   gantry cranes, wheel cranes and multi-sized cranes.
  • Industrial equipment :welding machines, heavy steel cutting machines, generators, drilling platforms and inspection equipment.
  • Surveying equipment : electronic measuring equipment, global positioning devices and satellites data collection.