Everybody knows the importance of industrial safety in work sites, especially the ones that have some hazards, and we totally understand the value of individuals’ safety whether they are workers or non-workers in the worksite, therefor we prioritize industrial safety during work, we care for everybody’s safety, because we believe that human resources are an irreplaceable wealth.


Ensuring that everything is okay when it comes to the workers who put a lot of effort into doing their job, and risk needs to be reduced We have a firm and specific approach for health and safety during work as indicated in our policy of health and safety, and in our suggested plans regarding health and safety in the project.

First Aid

First aid is immediate healthcare for an injured or sick person before reaching a healthier and more therapeutic situation. It is comprised of simple medical steps, but, without them, the injury of the person might worsen to the point of death sometimes. Whoever applies first aid does not need intensive training but needs to have some knowledge about applying the steps.