Oil Services

Our company is one of the Iraqi oil and gas companies that specializes in oil services and importing all accessories plus oil and logistic needs in addition to oil and chemical derivatives like crude oil, gas, kerosene and fuel and so on, besides detergent chemicals, additives, drilling wells and all oil services.

General Transport

Regarding public transport, the company provides transportation of goods, building materials, oil derivatives, oils and fuel etc. In addition to individuals transportation, air, road and maritime transport with a fleet of modern vehicles with diverse capacities. We deliver on time, efficiently, with high confidence and great experience in accordance with accuracy and safety standards of both state and private sector.

Project Management

Project management is a specialty related to organizing resource management such as human resources to complete a certain project in a perfect fashion in terms of quality, punctuality, and so on.

Building Construction

Our company is a leading company in the field of constructing and implementing buildings with high technical and structural specifications and according to the required ones. It has implemented several activities, for instance, constructing and building model schools, veterinary clinics, gables and roofers, besides implementing administrative buildings, military barracks, chambers’ offices, guest houses and multi-floor buildings and any other civil, military or structural affairs and roofing , caravans and housing compounds with high technical specifications.

Road Construction

We’ve got many roads-related works like streets asphalt, implementing pavements, middle pavements, spreading gravel, grips and all modulation works, besides afforestation and gardening works for roads with excellent technical specifications.

Electrical Work

Our company works on electricity projects, especially on laying cables to Al-Haramen Al-Shareefien station in holy Karbala in favour of Abbas Holy Shrine using special machines for invisible work and drilling, with supervision and implementation of German staff, and in the half of the decided period. Also there are other works like implementing electrical networks, electrical cutters, their bases and power transmission materials and all wires, poles and water mixers … etc.

Equipment Rental

The rental of all equipment that help with certain projects such as projects that involve moving large amounts of oil barrels and the processing of all Specialized equipment, etc .

Logistic Services

Logistics is the management of the influx of different resources such as shipments, power, information, and human services from production to consumption. It is hard for business, importation, exportation, shipment transfer, or resource transfer to take place without logistic support as there is a need to count, store, financially treat, wrap, and box.

Sewage Works & Drinking Water

Our company works on sewage works and drinking water projects, it works on drilling and laying ductile pipelines, lining of main channels of water resources, implementing rains stations, constructing sewage networks, lines to transmit water to purification stations and implementing common sewage networks to serve secretions with high standards and on time.

Mechanical Works

Our company is the only one that sets up and operates collective water purification stations with all sizes from one million gallon to 50 cubic meters to RO stations with all capacities and with high standards, and it received many grateful writings in that field.

Spray Irrigation Business

Our company excels in constructing the biggest works related to implementing modern irrigation units (irrigation with axial fixed spraying) in Baghdad in April 9th with areas of more than 500 acres, using Italian equipment with high specifications and according to the most cutting-edge techniques in the world.

Sports Facilities

Also our company worked on modern sporting halls with capacities of 2500 spectators and implementing of small and big playgrounds with passivation of tartan and all relevant affairs with cutting-edge technical global specifications.

Police dogs

Our company has the capability of raising, reproducing and training police dogs in addition to a veterinary hospital for their health care, besides importing dogs from international origins, they provide the ability to detect explosive materials, drugs, mines and personal protection. There are special dogs that are well-trained by the best Iraqi and foreigner trainers. And, for the first time, there are dogs that specializes in detecting and tracking kidnapped alive persons, besides detecting dead bodies. In addition to preparing nurturing materials with fodder additives and all vaccinations and accessories, setting up the security room for special protection, special caravans and special kinds against rioting, mines and terrorist attacks. With the ability to prepare specialist labs with the best modern devices and general supervision and diagnosis, working on a special generation that suits the conditions in Iraq, cooperating with specialist French universities (INVA), besides building barns and preparing dogs (K9) within one single month from (100) to (150) special detachment, and contracting with all ministries about this, noting that we have private agency and partnership with Belgian companies in this field.