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who we are?

The company has experience in supplying and providing technical equipments and materials and machines of many government institutions such as raw materials, operation materials, construction materials, Chemicals and Technical device of many types and from different sources. It has widened the persspect of cooperation and public relation with with widely-known International companies which will be listed later on the purpose of continuation and remaining up-to-date with the latest in Science and technology, which will effectively contribute to build new vivid and flourishing Iraq.

Al Isra group for trade corporation and general contracts Ltd is one of the Iraqi National companies specialised in the field of construction and reconstruction.It was established in the 16th of October 2003 after the decision of the department of Register of companies No.(10515) named (Al-Israa Contracting Co. LTD).

The company has been caring on its work in all majors including: structural, civil, mechanical and electrical; water supply business, public transport and oil services.

According to the amendment No. (24048) in the 30th of July 2004, The purpose of General Trading was added to the trade name has changed to (Al-Israa group for Trade Corporation and General Construction ltd.) . Another amendment number (23829) took place in the 5th of October 2011 to include: public transport and oil services. So the purpose of the company has become the first to include contracts, excellent class General Trading, public transport and first-class oil of Iraqi constructors, the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, Iraqi Federation of carries and Federation of Iraqui Businessmen.
The company staff consists of a brunch of competent engineers and consultants specialised in all fields. Their expertise had contributed efficiently to accomplishment of many strategic developing and service project for both the private and public sectors according to their high standards required at work in terms of quality and goodness .


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